QEC Quality Education Committee

The Quality Education Committee proposes establishment of the (QEC) Institute, a transformative initiative designed to address the educational and employment challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, including blindness and mobility issues, as well as those over 50 years old. The comprehensive programs aim to empower these individuals by providing accessible education, targeted career training, and robust Job placement consulting Connections Services. Our mission is to equip indiviuals with technology and other skill sets, enabling them to reintegrate into the workforce as skilled and dedicated members of society,   

“Our Motto No One Left Behind”

General Company Description

Quality Education Committee: Which was created to Train via Technology and promotes a fair and reasonable solution for the provision of a fair and equitable education solution for the disadvantage. Be that social economical, homeless, disabled, age discriminated, and veteran status. We believe that people should put people first, and we will accomplish that mission by providing them the best education available. Our Motto at Quality Education is, “No Consumer/ Student left behind.”

Company history: Quality Education Committee has been in existence for many yrs. with the goal of ensuring that we perform as the safety cushion for Technology education of the disadvantage, be. it social income, disability status, age, or veteran status. We have decided the only way we can accomplish our mission is to open our own Technology educational facility to promote a fair and equal education for our clients.


QEC Quality Education Committee

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